4/5S FHC
Number of doors
2591 mm 102 in
Track: Front
1526 mm 60.1 in
Track: Rear
1505 mm 59.3 in
4152 mm 163.5 in
1777 mm 70 in
1381 mm 54.4 in
Length:wheelbase ratio
Kerb weight
1570 kg 3461 lb
Drag coefficient
Frontal area
2.11 m2
81.00 mm
V-6 in 15.0
2.8 litre2791 cc(170.317 cu in)
Wet sumped
Fuel system
Maximum power
250.4 PS (247.0 bhp) (184.2 kW)@ 6200 rpm
Specific output
88.5 bhp/litre1.45 bhp/cu in
Maximum torque
297.0 Nm (219 ft?�·lb) (30.3 kgm)@ 3200 rpm
Specific torque
106.41 Nm/litre
Bore/stroke ratio
Unitary capacity
465.17 cc/cylinder
Catalytic converter
0-100 km/h
7.50 s
Standing km
28.00 s
Top speed
245 km/h (152 mph)
Fuel consumption
18.1/8.8/12.2 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combined
157.32 bhp/ton
Engine location
Engine alignment
front I.MS.
Wheels: Front
7.5J x 18
Wheels: Rear
7.5J x 18
Tyres: Front
Michelin PAX 225-640 R 460 A Segment SPORT
Tyres: Rear
Michelin PAX 225-640 R 460 A Segment SPORT
Brakes F/R
RAC rating
SEAT Salsa Emocion Offroad derivative of the Salsa concept Copyright © 2000 Car Design News, Inc.
First Seat Salsa Renderings: Seat’s version of VW Concept BlueSport - 26 01 2009 Volkswagen BlueSport Concept was one of the main hits at the
emphasizes of the SEAT Salsa it is the new color of the body.
The SEAT Salsa concept car unveiled in 2000 has been the inspiration for the Spanish manufacturer in terms of styling ever since, turning it into automotive reality.
* SEAT Salsa, a concept car built by the Spanish car maker SEAT Disambig gray.svg This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.
The SEAT Salsa is a concept car presented at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, as a foretaste of SEAT's new design line under Walter de'Silva.
SEAT Salsa Emocion - The Seat Salsa emoción is a concept car, but not an impossible dream. In fact... = 21st Century.co.
SEAT Salsa, a new concept in motoring The first SEAT of the year 2000 now has a name: it is Salsa. This is SEAT’s proposal for the future.
2000 Seat Salsa Emocion Concept - Thursday, 20 November 2008 Engine:
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Seat Salsa (ItalDesign), 2000 Seat Salsa (ItalDesign), 2000 Seat Salsa (ItalDesign), 2000 Seat Salsa (ItalDesign), 2000 Seat Salsa (ItalDesign), 2000 Images: SEAT, S.A.
This was the case in the past for the SEAT Salsa, a vehicle which received great acclaim when it was unveiled in 2000, and was the prototype for the design and compact architecture of the SEAT León and
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Restyling for the SEAT Salsa concept car SEAT is exhibiting the Salsa concept car with a renewed exterior and interior styling at the Madrid Motor Show that will be held from May
The Seat Salsa was produced from 2000 to 2000. 1 engine (2.8 liters / 250 hp) is on Histomobile.
La Seat Salsa Emotion fut produite de 2000 à 2000. 1 motorisation (2.8 L de 250 ch) est sur Histomobile.
SPAIN: SEAT Salsa concept car restyled for Madrid Motor Show = By: just-auto.
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Snug Seat Salsa Pediatric Walker is an ideal walking aid for children and small adults.
The SEAT Salsa driver can choose one of three environments, which change both the appearance of the interior and the actual configuration of the car.
and is based on the image previewed by the SEAT Salsa concept car in 2000.
First displayed in 2000, the SEAT Salsa was refreshed in 2002 and shown at Madrid. The exterior, formerly shiny silver, becomes solid red.
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Seat Salsa Rendered - Seat's version of VW Concept BlueSport = Rendered speculation - January 26, 2009