List of all Spanish Car Brands

Spain has had a long history of manufacturing high quality, aesthetically pleasing vehicles. Starting in the early 20th century, Spanish cars have been built to last and to keep up with the automobile trends that constantly evolve. In fact, one of the earliest Spanish car manufacturers was La Cuadra that operated between 1898 and 1902. Basic automobiles with metal frames, bald rubber tires and that ran on diesel fuel were what came out of that operation and a couple others that followed, including El Fenix (1901-1904) and Hispano-Suiza (1904-1938).

But Spanish cars did not remain basic throughout its history of manufacturing vehicles. Instead, Spanish car makers began making innovations that would change the face of European vehicles. A few dozen Spanish companies began operations in the early 20th century to then stop operations in the middle of the century. It was around that time that other companies decided to give Spanish cars a facelift. Companies such as Authi, Barreiros, Eucort, Kapi and Mazel all manufactured several different lines of their vehicles. Unlike previous companies that only manufactured one or two lines, these new companies would pave the way for cars that the world wanted to own.

Authi claims to be the originator of the mini vehicle, having lines such as the Mini Cooper, Mini Traveller and Mini Van. Barreiros and Eucort both created lines that are now considered vintage and classic Spanish cars such as the Puma and Victoria Ruben. Kapi only operated for five years, but managed to create memorable lines like Kapiscooter and Turisa. The Spanish car maker Mazel combined their manufacturing with the likes of Nissan and Mazda to manufacturer sporty cars.

Probably two of the most successful Spanish car makers are Pegaso, which had 18 lines and operated for six years, and SEAT, which is still in operation. While Pegaso stuck to mostly high end sports cars, SEAT branched out and built vehicles for every taste. The company has a sports line and several popular sedan and SUV lines such as Ibiza, Altea and Alhambra. SEAT has even manufactured cars for famous racing teams.
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